Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey Barack - Can You Spare Some Change?

With the results of the Iowa Caucus and the trends in the New Hampshire polls it is very clear that the voters in these two states are ready for Barack Obama and his message of change. Its seems America is finally had it with the Washington establishment. Frankly, I can't understand why it has taken this long - but I am thankful that the tide seems to be finally turning. It's not that difficult to understand why many Americans, who are so busy just trying to make ends meet, choose not to pay attention to national politics.

But what is hard to understand is how the other Presidential Candidates have been so blindsided by the effectiveness of Obama's message of change.

Hillary and her "just hand me the keys to the White house" campaign of inevitability are reeling in the wake of her stunning defeat in Iowa. And with the polls now showing Obama ahead by as much as 12 points in New Hampshire - Hillary has decided to steal Obama's message. In the debate last night she angrily spoke about how she has 35 years of experience and has been an "agent of change" all that time. Um - how long has Hillary held an elected office? Excuse me Hillary but all of your experience prior to the "Use of Force" in Iraq vote didn't help you get that right. And with all this experience you keep spouting - all I can remember is your failed health care plan. If you are so ready to be President you wouldn't be getting your Ass kicked in the early primary states. You are "commander and chief "of your campaign and it ain't going so well!

And now Mitt Romney has worked change into every sentence he speaks. Hoping somehow that saying the "magic word" will turn him into a real presidential contender. In tonight's Republican debate - Romney, Huckabee and even Giuliani seemed to be trying their best to channel Obama. I lost count of the times that they used the word change.

Its a good thing that I wasn't playing the "change" drinking game or I would have passed out ten minutes in.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Barack must be feeling pretty good about now. He is clearly the front runner for the Presidency as all the other candidates seem to be trying to live off his pockets change.


  1. to be fair to John Edwards - he has been talking about change probably longer than Obama - but it comes down to who is more effective at presenting the message.

    I really thing that Obama is going to be the nominee and if he wins New Hampshire and South Carolina - Edwards and Hillary are basically toast. At that point I think Edwards
    may accept the VP position with Obama. He's still young and it would be the only way he could ever be president. They sure looked good teamed up last night.

  2. Giraffe9:31 AM

    I heard Michelle Obama speak to a group in New Hampshire. Wow! She is as charismatic as he is. Obama/Edwards sounds good, or Edwards/Obama. Either way works for me.

  3. Lost Wages Joe10:02 AM

    If Edwards can't get the nomination (and it certainly appears at this point that the cards are stacked against him), I wouldn't mind an Obama/Edwards ticket. But I'm not sure that I wouldn't rather see Edwards as Attorney General or Secretary of Labor. The VP job is likely to return to it's historical role as President-in-waiting/Senate tiebreaker under a Democratic President. I don't think that Obama (or Hillary) would want or need a policy svengali/political kneecapper in the VP slot like Bush has in Cheney. Thus, Edwards would be more useful in a role that would afford him the chance to really effect and implement policies in line with his pro-worker, anti-corporate political rhetoric. To me, that would be the next best thing to having him in the Oval Office.