Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Case for Hillary!

After reading this post at TPM Election Central about Hillary Clinton’s recent fundraising efforts, in which she has raised a reported $6 million to “keep pace” with Barack Obama’s $7.6 million in the 48 hours after Tuesday, I thought there must be someone out there who can articulate the passion with which Hillary’s supporters have embraced the cause of helping her pay off that $5 million personal loan to her campaign.

As an Obama partisan, I’m in no position to make that case, but I found a post on DKos, written by a more objective Obama supporter, that captures it pretty well:
my basic message is: don't ridicule or underestimate these people. They don't show up at crowded rallies because they are at work, or picking up the kids from school, or because their aging knees can't stand for hours in line outside an arena. What they do is vote. They don't hang out online for hours marveling at the ever-changing totals of internet fund-raising. But when Hillary finally got around to mentioning that she was short of money, well of course they raised $6 million in a day. What, you thought they wouldn't? Thought they weren't as dedicated as us, not as smart as us, didn't know how to use the internet? Well, they not only saved Hillary's campaign, they freed her up from dependence on the money of lobbyists. Did us all a huge favor, probably changed the party forever.
Of course, during my search, I also found another argument for Hillary in the form of several posts by the commenter, yityyl, written during a 45 minute period in response to the TPM post, which I also include verbatim:
i coontributed to HILLARY
imagine all this money and he did'nt win decisivlly on tuesday ...
now imagine him without all this money she would've swept the floor with him...
the elitists 100,000 plus are his donors....
she will fight for the poor
Health care is my greatest issue....
Posted by yityyl
February 7, 2008 10:03 AM
Followed by:
she won the popular vote on TUESDAY get it staright . knock it in your head ....
and despite all that mometum going for OBAMA in the last two weeks before SUPER TUESDAY she still beat him...
now if you will say that according to some news sources he won the delegate count (by a slummy few) on THAT DAY , then i say to you :
and she is the UNDERDOG...
health care is my greatest issue
somehow i fell OBAMA just doesn't care aboutthat issue alot , he only has a plan ( astupid sad one according to PAUL KRUGMAN) because he needs to have one, but SHE ,SHE will roll up her sleaves and pattionattlly work and shvits for us on this issue.....
Posted by yityyl
February 7, 2008 10:18 AM
And Finally:
and he will collapse on the health care issue after the attack dogs come from the right in seconds. he will be eaten up for dinner . understand?
then he will comprmise with the conservatives , then we will be left with nothing.
she will fight like a lion.
remeber this is bush style all over again -no experience, just TALK TALK TALK, she can show the reciepts on her many accomplishments. she is a fighter and she did the CHANGE already ....
stop being so in the air over this Obama guy !
mandate? are you crazy ? change ? it's all cheap talk! no results!
she will do everything to get our agenda done! and he! he will totaly give in because change is in the air... how stupid can you be.....
Posted by yityyl
February 7, 2008 10:48 AM
To put this argument in favor of Hillary a bit more succinctly:

Sorry, but just because I can appreciate an objective argument, doesn’t mean I can stop being a smart ass!

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