Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Show Me Your Taxes!

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Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton just release her friggin’ tax returns?

When asked about it during tonight’s debate, she actually managed to come up with an even more ridiculous answer than her previous standard.

This time, she said she may do it before the end of the primary season, except for the fact that “she has no time to sleep,” and that she “would work on putting them together.”

As you recall, her earlier response, which has been repeated numerous times by her campaign, was that she would release them only “after she secures the Democratic nomination.”

I can see only two reasons for her original response: Either she thinks there is something in her returns that would keep her from getting the nomination, or she thinks they are so incredibly interesting that people will vote for her just to get the chance to see them!

As for tonight’s response, I can only say that the majority of Democrats agree: She should forget about working on the tax returns and go take a nap - so Barack Obama can start campaigning against John McBush!

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