Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clinton Has Nearly Played All of her Good Cards!

As Tsunami Tuesday ends in a virtual tie and both candidates scramble to claim some sort of victory, I find it notable that all of Hillary Clinton’s eight (maybe nine) wins fell into three distinct categories:

1. Her home State of New York, with spillover into adjacent New Jersey and Massachusetts.

2. Her former home State of Arkansas, with spillover into adjacent Oklahoma and Tennessee.

3. The Mexican border States of California, Arizona (and possibly New Mexico) where she enjoys heavy Latino support. (That this was the key reason for her victory in these States rather than the start of a “West Coast wave,” is confirmed by the fact that Obama won most of the Norcal counties that share more in common with Oregon and Washington than with Socal!)

Obama won everywhere else, giving him a total of thirteen (maybe fourteen) States.

The only remaining States that fall into the above categories for Hillary are Texas and Pennsylvania. These are aces, admittedly, but the game may be over before she gets to play them!

And now, it seems she has been forced to dip into her own personal bankroll with a $5 million personal loan to her campaign, so she can play a few more hands!

Contrast this with Barack Obama’s ability to engage thousands of small financial supporters, as well as enthusiastic, motivated volunteers to help in his campaign, and you can clearly see the downside of campaigning as someone so frighteningly competent and experienced that she, alone, can do it all for the country!

To see the upside of Obama’s more inclusive, empowering approach, click here (and donate a few bucks if you can!) Obama’s supporters are on pace to match Clinton’s personal loan within the first 24 hours after the polls closed last night! My $100 was within the first hour!

So far, the strongest individual contribution I've observed from a Hillary supporter was to give my group a thumbs down and yell "Hillary!" as we were waving signs during yesterday's rush hour traffic!

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  1. Giraffe7:07 AM

    I hate that picture of Hillary. I keep waiting for the new post. Hey seenos and left-over where are you? She is a democrat after all!