Friday, February 15, 2008

My Letter to Hillary

Dear Hillary,

I am writing this letter to respectfully ask you to stop bashing your opponent in desperate hopes of reviving your chance at the nomination. It is beneath you. You have too many “results” awaiting you as a U.S. Senator to go down this way. I know things aren’t working out the way you had "hoped". I know you are disappointed. But despite all of your “30 plus years” of experience – and your “day-one” readiness – you are not owed the Presidency!

Sometimes Hillary, life doesn’t go as planned and its incredible disappointing. But, that is when you show who you really are. You can continue to be bitter and angry. You can throw out all kinds of "cheap" insults toward your opponent. You can tear him to shreds. And it might even make you feel a bit better in the short term. But your years of experience and leadership should be telling you that ultimately this is not the answer. Do you really want to win that way?

Even you would have to admit that Barack Obama is an incredibly worthy opponent. He has run a consistent and positive campaign. He has inspired “hope” to a nation with his "cheap words", “platitudes” and "empty promises". He has brought new voters, young and old, enthusiastically into the process – despite his lack of knowledge of the earning potential of the Lincoln Bedroom or inner workings of the Whitehouse travel office. He has been masterfull as Commander and Chief of his campaign - "from day one".

In closing I will ask you to campaign, give speeches and debate the issues by emphasizing your plans and experience. But please Hillary, leave it at that. Show us how an experienced leader wins or loses with dignity.

Campaigning with a the message to “not get our hopes up” is no way to lead!

Now if you will personally pay my bill’s, put food on my table and fill my prescriptions – please campaign however you want!!!

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  1. I'm with you 100% on that. And do very very much enjoy your good posts. Carry on!