Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will Hillary Pull a “Huckabee?”

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A recent flip-flop in the position of the Clinton campaign suggests that she has shifted her focus from trying to use superdelegates to make up the pledged delegate gap between her and Obama, to keeping the number of uncommitted superdelegates high enough to potentially make up the gap at the convention.
A set of talking points emailed to Clinton supporters within organized labor describes the arguments to use on uncommitted super delegates. In the email, the Clinton campaign suggests telling the uncommitted delegates that "it would be unfair and unjust to cut off the nominating process now.”
At the same time, Harold Ickes, the guy known as “the campaign’s general in the fight for superdelegates” has been elevated to a more prominent role in the campaign.

The change of strategy strikes me as being similar to a guy who spends all his available cash on lottery scratchers, and decides to postpone scratching them so he can spend a bit more time as a potential millionaire!

The move suggests one of two things to me:

Either she is in such denial over the relatively miniscule chances of actually fulfilling her promise to be the “inevitable” nominee, that she is willing to do anything to extend the illusion of viability, for her and her financial supporters, until the last possible moment at the convention!

Or she is planning to hang around against all odds, like Mike Huckabee, hoping that some sort of miracle will occur during the next five months that would change the game board enough to give her a shot at the nomination!

If the second suggestion is her true motivation, then I’m led to wonder what her campaign might be willing to try, surreptitiously, during the next few months, in the hope of manufacturing such a miracle!

Then again, maybe she just wants to stick around long enough to get her fair share of love on the late-night comedy circuit!

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