Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary Uses Karl Rove Tactic by Accusing Obama of Karl Rove Tactic!

Now I understand Hillary Clinton’s conciliatory gesture at the end of Tuesday’s debate!

At the time, it seemed particularly odd that she would end the debate like this:

. . . when, during the debate she went out of her way to make childish and silly arguments like this:

Then, less than 24 hours after claiming to be “really, really honored” to share the stage with Barack Obama, her campaign began pushing perceived ties between Obama and a radical domestic terrorist group.

Now, I can see that her “spontaneous conciliatory moment” was a tactic, designed to set her up as “the nice lady” before she came out and accused Obama of Karl Rove tactics, using a mailer she was shocked to have been given that morning, but that Paul Krugman was complaining about over three weeks ago, and which allowed her to scold the younger Obama during a tirade ending in “Shame on you, Barack Obama!”

She might as well have added, “How could you treat me this way after I was so nice to you in Tuesday's debate!”

The irony of this tactic is that it seems right out of the Karl Rove playbook - to preemptively accuse your opponent, with mock outrage, of the same things you are already doing!

The Clinton campaign has been spreading false information about Barack Obama for months. Now Hillary is getting self-righteous about how unfair it is for Obama to “compare and contrast” their health plans, or their respective positions on NAFTA, in a couple of mailers?

In the words of another Clinton, “Give. Me. A. Break!”

Apparently, instead of bowing out with class and dignity, Hillary Clinton is determined to go out in "a blaze of ugly!"


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Notice how, in the video above, Hillary begins by claiming to have been handed the mailers that morning, as if that's what prompted her outburst.

Well, here's the evidence from Hillary's own website, that her campaign has known about the mailer in this picture since at least February 1, 2008, the same day Paul Krugman wrote his column about it!

Apparently, Hillary wasn't so angry about the mailer that it kept her from being "honored" to share the debate stage with Barack Obama!

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