Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton Becoming the New Woody Hayes?

Must be something about Ohio!

Hillary Clinton’s meltdown seems to be progressing, as she gets more and more angry and frustrated at her inability to score political points on Barack Obama.

Based on yesterday’s tirade, and now today’s blow-up, and with two more days of campaigning before the next debate in Cleveland, I won’t be surprised if, by the time she get to the debate, she ends up running out on the stage and trying to sock her opponent in the head!


  1. We all know that the only way to accomplish change is to throw tantrums until you get your way.
    Is this how she will negotiate with foreign leaders. Screaming "shame on you" to all the evil doers is a great foreign policy.

    I think Hillary needs a time out!!!!

  2. Do believe you're right there. And now, with McCain's lobbyist problems, there's the possibility that Mitt may jump back in the race since he only "suspended" his candidacy. Then what? Makes me laugh.