Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm a "Solutions" Blogger!

I’ve got the answer to the “Hillary/Huckabee/Nader” problem.

After Obama’s decisive wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii - giving him more than a 150 pledged-delegate lead in the race to the Democratic nomination, it appears that the Clinton campaign is descending into some sort of alternate campaign universe. She went out and gave her same tired old stump speech completely ignoring her 17 point drubbing in Wisconsin and now the polls showing that Obama is gaining or overtaken her in most of the remaining states. It’s not too different than the reality - Mike Huckabee seems to be inhabiting - a place where you can ignore the facts if you don’t agree with them. Sound like anyone else you know……………….say - with a 19% approval rating?

It would be one thing for these candidates to push on by refreshing their message……… maybe write a new speech or something. But come on – the message hasn’t worked “from day one” and its time to face “reality”. There has to be something else for them.

Then it hit me!

Why doesn’t Fox create a new “reality” TV series where three candidates run for president of their alternate universe.

“HillHuckaNader 2008” could be a huge ratings success. They can tour the country, give speeches & debate each other. And they wouldn’t have to hold back anything. - in fact the more vile and nasty the better. Who wouldn’t watch that?

Then Obama and McCain can get on with the actual presidential election.

*Prediction: If their “Presidential Election” reality show involves eating weird shit – my money’s on Huck!

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  1. Good Idea! I'm even willing to give up my claim to "American Idiot" as a contest name, if Fox want's to use it!