Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton Must Win North Carolina - Period!!!

With all the Spin from the Clinton Campaign after last nights Pennsylvania primary victory - all I hear today is how Indiana is the next big test. Isn't it really North Carolina? The pundits and the Clinton's managed to make Pennsylvania Obama's big test and they're spinning out of control that the 9.6% margin of victory shows that Obama can't win the big states. In her words "the tide is turning". Well lets just see about that. Hillary was up 20 points in Pennsylvania, she owned the Pennsylvania Democratic machine, had family ties to the state and the voter demographics all favored her. Despite all that - Obama was able to cut that lead in half.

I think Obama's camp needs to try and change the media focus from Indiana to North Carolina. If the tide is truly turning - then Hillary will close the gap and win in the Tar Heel State.

That is the metric that the Obama campaign needs to insist upon - because what is really happening - is the tide is still cresting - and Hillary and her campaign are simply treading water!!!

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  1. Love the image! Is that an original?

    And what, may I ask, is Bill doing with his right hand?