Wednesday, April 09, 2008

John Conyers Wants to Put Yoo on the Hot Seat!

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(Believe me, it was all I could do to resist using my alternate title, “Conyers Wants to F**k Yoo Up!”)

This has the potential to be one of the more compelling Congressional hearings in quite some time. It’s one thing to have to thread the needle of avoiding perjury without embarrassing yourself or causing political problems for your bosses in the Bush administration, but it’s quite another to have to thread the much smaller needle of avoiding statements that can be used against you in a war crimes trial!

Switching gears, it’s obvious that the “Big Game” between Cal and Stanford hasn’t had much riding on it for a few years, just a rare chance for each team to get a win! But forget about that! With Yoo on the faculty at Cal-Berkeley, and with Condi Rice set to return to Stanford at the end of Bush’s second term, the two schools can have a Battle Royale to see which one can be the first to have a faculty member indicted for war crimes (OK, it wasn’t really a different gear!)

Finally, remember when John Conyers was forced by the GOP majority to hold hearings in unusual places like a capitol basement? Well, he’s in the majority now, so he can probably hold hearings anywhere he wants. But for old times’ sake, I think this is a good opportunity to try scheduling something unusual again – like holding the hearings on Yoo’s torture memos somewhere in the Netherlands so that Yoo can be lured across the border. I hear they have some nice basements in The Hague! (Yeah, same gear again! I’m ridin’ a one-speed when it comes to John Yoo!)

[Update] Shit, meet Fan! Or, probably not!

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