Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Should Not Have Compared Herself to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa?

In this video, Hillary Clinton tries to score points with Pennsylvania voters by invoking comparisons between herself and a famous fictional character from Philly. Here are my top ten reasons why she shouldn’t have compared herself to Rocky Balboa:

10. Rocky ends his first title fight by losing to a black guy!

9. Stallone already endorsed John McCain!

8. During the course of playing Rocky, Stallone went from winning an Oscar to being the “punch line” of a joke about bad acting!

7. Unflattering reminder of relationship to an overly excitable big dog!

6. She’s already established she’s more like Rambo!

5. Nobody wants five sequels to the Hillary campaign!

4. “Yo” not an appropriate greeting for 3 AM calls to the White House!

3. Human Growth Hormone can actually turn you into a “monster!”

2. Reminds voters how much better her campaign would be if managed by Burgess Meredith!

And the number one reason why Hillary Clinton should not have compared herself to Rocky Balboa:

1. A boxer who “never gets up” is even worse than bowling a 37!

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