Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Says "The Tide is Turning"

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Hillary leads her supporters in a celebratory chorus of Y.M.C.A.!

With a 10 point win in Pennsylvania, the Clinton campaign says that everything is different now – that the tide is turning and Barack Obama’s momentum is going to recede.

But when the delegates are divided up, the change in Obama’s lead is going to be less like the shifting tide of an ocean and more like evaporation from a lake – right before the rainstorm hits that will be the North Carolina primary!

[Update 1] While most media outlets are showing this to be a 55% to 45% win for Clinton, the actual spread with only a couple of Philadelphia (ie: probably Obama) precincts to report is 9.6%.

How long before we start hearing the media pundits talking about how superdelegates have to begin wondering why Hillary couldn't "stop the bleeding" with a double digit victory in a state that was considered "Clinton Country?" I know, sorry I asked!

[Update 2] And by "stop the bleeding," I mean stopping the migration of superdelegates to Obama!

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