Thursday, October 30, 2008

Actually, the Make-Up Artist Earns Every Penny!

When I heard last week that the highest paid member of the McCain campaign staff was Sarah Palin’s make-up artist, I was intrigued. It seemed pretty outrageous, considering the dire condition of the campaign with less than two weeks to go! How could they spend the donations of hard working people like Joe the Plumber just to gussie up a former beauty queen?

So I did some research to see if I could find out why she was worth more than anyone else, besides the obvious fact that the rest of the campaign is a joke and clearly not worth much!

And I think I found it! Just keep in mind that it’s been quite some time since the former Sarah Heath was runner-up in the Miss Alaska contest and time does take its toll. Paying top dollar for a good make-up artist is much more reasonable when you see this shot of her as she begins her daily routine of preparing Palin for another public appearance:

In fact, this particular make-up artist is a real bargain when you consider that she also does double duty keeping McCain from looking like his early morning self:

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