Monday, October 20, 2008

I Can Now Say “General Powell Speaks For Me”

I’m not talking about his meticulously reasoned endorsement of Barack Obama, although I agree whole-heartedly with his reasons for endorsing.

I’m not talking about his condemnation of the negativity and outright fear mongering by the McCain-Palin campaign, although I am equally disgusted by those tactics.

I’m not talking about his direct challenge to McCarthyist bleatings of Michelle Bachman (R-Toast), although I think she is a disgrace to her district, her country, and, quite frankly, to the entire human race.

I’m talking about two points made by Colin Powell that I’ve been waiting to hear from anyone with a microphone loud enough to command the attention of the American people.

I’m talking about the fact that Powell, after stating the fact that Obama happens to be a Christian, was willing to ask the more important question, “So what if he were a Muslim?

And I’m talking about the fact that Powell was finally willing to call “bullshit” on the entire GOP argument that “all taxes are bad” by pointing out the obvious fact that, by definition, taxes are income re-distribution, and that people get them back in services!

I had gotten a little tired of hearing nothing but defensive responses to wild accusations regarding Obama’s religious faith, or about the motives behind his tax plan.

Frankly, I’m a little shocked and surprised that I had to wait for a Republican to say these things!

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  1. Left-Over12:31 PM

    I thought Powell's endorsements was a systematic dismantling of McCain/Palin.

    His story about the Muslim American soldier was a perfect juxtaposition to the stupid "Joe the Plumber" story McCain is pushing.

    Once again the Obama campaign proved how detailed, smart and competent it is.