Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Blogging to Their Faces (Well, I Would!)

8:23 PM (seenos) - Oops, I got sidetracked before signing off. More than any of the other debates, this one was the angry undisciplined guy against the calm controlled guy. McCain tried hard to pound on Obama, who mostly just grinned and took it rather than escalate the confrontations, so that he could keep going back to explaining what he wants to do for the country. While I would have preferred to see Obama counterpunch a little harder, I can’t say that his approach wasn’t the best one. He was very effective at defusing the ticking time bomb that was John McCain, so that a minimal amount of time was spent on the negative attack issues that McCain wanted to make the focus of the debate. All in all, it was yet another zen win for Obama.

7:28 PM (seenos) - Apparently McCain thinks that autism is the same thing as Downs Syndrome, because he keeps saying that Sarah Palin knows a lot about autism, but Palin’s baby has Down’s Syndrome. I’ll bet she’s also an expert on dementia from her time on the campaign trail.

7:18 PM (seenos) - At times while Obama is talking, McCain almost seems to be snorting like a cartoon bull getting ready to charge!

Someone tell McCain that there is no such thing as a “pro abortion” lobby

7:10 PM (seenos) - McCain: You don’t need one of those gold-plated Cadillac health care programs that covers cosmetic surgery or transplants. Somewhere, Cindy McCain is cringing, but not about the transplants!

7:01 PM (seenos) - I’m watching the CNN instapolling and clearly women don’t like Joe the Plumber! Every time McCain brings him up, the dial drops like a ski slope.

6:52 PM (seenos) - The hell with all this boring policy shit. I’m voting for the guy with the flag pin!

6:42 PM (seenos) - Obama is clearly committed to trying to defuse conflict, while McCain finally is clearly trying to create it. Therefore, when McCain brings up Bill Ayers, it’s too much to hope for Obama to parry and then riposte with William Timmons, or the Alaska Independence Party.

6:20 PM (seenos) - McCain keeps throwing out a whole bunch of unrelated shit. Obama can’t try to systematically refute everything. He needs to pick one thing and respond forcefully to that!

6:17 PM (seenos) - This format doesn’t suit Obama quite as much as when he gets to walk over and stand next to McCain periodically.

McCain: I know how to cut spending by getting out a hatchet, followed by a scalpel, followed by one of those sets of tweezers like when you play “Operation”

6:01 PM (seenos) - McCain: Americans are very, very angry. Therefore I have more in common with them than my opponent.

5:55 PM (seenos) - I guess the big question tonight is whether McCain is really going to do what he's been telegraphing for a couple of days (Remarkable, really!) Will he say it to Obama's face? I think just about everyone on both sides, albeit for different reasons, wants him to follow through with his threats.

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