Monday, October 06, 2008

While McCain Goes Negative, Obama Goes Factual

Throughout his entire presidential campaign - in the Primaries against Hillary Clinton (and others), and in the General against John McCain - Barack Obama has been supremely prepared for everything his opponents could throw at him. McCain may sneeringly suggest that Obama “doesn’t know the difference between a strategy and a tactic,” but at every step, Obama’s campaign has shown that his “strategy” has always included any number of “tactics,” ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, to trump any card that McCain or anyone else could think to play.

Now, as McCain prepares his all out slime assault during the next few weeks, Obama is ready with an impeccably documented account of why McCain’s Keating Five shenanigans make him the wrong man to lead America during hard economic times.

A less confident and less disciplined politician (like McCain) would have played this card a long time ago, perhaps winning a few points in the polls before the majority of voters even started paying attention. By the time October rolled around, it would be long forgotten and he’d have nothing left.

But Obama had the foresight and temperament to wait until the right moment, and to carefully prepare the facts so that even though his account of the Keating Five saga is a negative for John McCain, it can’t be mistaken for the reactionary mud-slinging that will undoubtedly make up nearly everything you hear from McCain, Palin, or any of their surrogates in the coming weeks.

Clearly, Obama knows the difference between a strategy and a tactic. McCain, on the other hand, doesn’t even seem to know the difference between a tactic and a tantrum!

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  1. ALL of the evidence, from even the MOST “Liberal” of sources, PROVES that this pathetic and unfounded attempt to smear McCain with the crimes of Keating is unmitigated BUNK!

    1) Although McCain had dealings with Keating (who was a constituent in McCain’s district), McCain was NOT connected in ANY WAY to the CRIMES committed by Keating.

    2) McCain did NOT support, IN ANY WAY, Keating’s request for regulators to ignore his violations. McCain did NOT favor either skirting OR eliminating these regulations. McCain did NOTHING to assist Keating in ANY WAY!

    3) In FACT, even the New York Times admits that the Keating scandal ONLY involved Democrats (which is precisely why the Dems were so DESPERATE to lynch the ONLY Republican they could even REMOTELY connect to Keating)!

    Quoting the New York Times:

    “The special counsel to the Senate Ethics Committee has recommended that the panel clear two of the five Senators under investigation for their links to the savings and loan debacle, Congressional officials said today.

    In a confidential report submitted to the committee on Sept. 10, the special counsel, Robert S. Bennett, concluded that there was not adequate evidence to merit a full-scale investigation of John Glenn, an Ohio Democrat, and John McCain, an Arizona Republican, several officials said.”

    “If Mr. McCain is dropped from the investigation, the political implications could be significant: He is the only Republican under scrutiny, and Republicans could portray the scandal as a Democratic one.”

    4) Quoting the very “Liberal” PBS Online News Hour:

    “The Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Glenn and McCain's involvement in the scheme was minimal and dropped the charges against them. In August 1991, the committee ruled that the other three [DEMOCRATIC] senators had acted improperly in interfering with the Federal Home Loan Banking Board's investigation.”

    Click here for the UNDENIABLE FACTS on what REALLY caused the current housing mess (AND the Keating related S&L mess).

    Click here and learn what Obama does NOT want you to know.