Sunday, October 12, 2008

If the GOP are so Worried about Widespread Voter Fraud . . .

All of a sudden, every GOP talking head on every news network is gasping for breath over the possibility of “widespread voter fraud” being perpetrated by the “radical left wing organization” called ACORN. I just watched Lou Dobbs, looking like his head was going to explode in anger over what he called “an assault on our voting system.”

It seems that "the most respected name in news," CNN, has exposed what they think is a blockbuster story about how ACORN is illegally registering thousands of new voters who are actually dead or fictitious people.

Is this a massive sudden collapse of the credibility of our voting system? If the GOP are so worried about voter fraud, how about if we take care of it with a simple solution?

Both parties can agree to officially validate the presidential election in each State with exit polling that would consist of three simple questions:

1. Who did you vote for?

2. Are you alive?

3. Do you exist?

If the winner in total votes for each State matches the polling results for question one, counting only participants who answer “yes” to questions two and three, then we will know, with statistical certainty that is accepted in other democracies throughout the world, that the election was not determined by voter fraud!

And while we’re at it, we can probably overturn the last two presidential elections as well!

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