Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain’t Gonna Happen!

Like an overmatched 15 seed losing to a 1 seed during March Madness, John McCain just got beat in a game played at his preferred tempo, and it wasn’t even close! He had been whining about his desire for “Town Halls” for months, and when he finally got one, he did little more than waddle around the stage like a penguin, making no real connection with the audience at the debate, or the audience watching on televisions across the country.

In fact, at one point McCain was so clueless that while Obama clearly set him up for a big punch line, McCain tried to be clever and interject sarcastic appreciation for Obama’s false praise, only to be battered with the obvious response. Take a look:

Essentially, McCain couldn’t even tell that Obama was winding up for the punch, so he proudly stuck out his chin, thinking it would score him some points, and then got his block knocked off like a Rockem Sockem Robot! McCain was clearly smirking with cocky pride as he butted in, but afterward he was dumbfounded. His face went blank as he sheepishly lumbered back to his chair, where he stood fuming while Obama finished tearing him apart.

In a particularly boring debate where the format seemed designed to eliminate any drama, it was a devastating moment for McCain, and may have been the primary reason he quickly scampered from the auditorium – presumably to salve his wounded pride on the Straight Talk Crooked Chin Express – while Obama mingled with the crowd (and possibly picked up a few more Tennessee votes!)

This was McCain’s big chance to debate his way, and it passed with little more than a whimper from McCain, who spent the previous week slinging nasty insinuations that he was clearly afraid to say to Obama’s face. When the history of the 2008 Presidential campaign is written, it’s going to be all about Obama. McCain is going to be a minor character, notable only because he was the first man to strive for the presidency while relying on a girl to fight his battles for him!

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