Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back From the Grave!

Do you remember this scene from the 1976 film, “Carrie,” where mellow music plays as a young girl visits Carrie White’s grave as the credits are about to roll, only to have a bloody hand suddenly shoot up from the ground and grab the girl’s arm? I think when it was released in the theaters, that scene alone rivaled excessive alcohol consumption as the leading cause of adult public urination!

So why does that scene pop into my mind when I hear Hillary Clinton’s comments about the benefits of letting her delegates vote for her, rather than for the presumptive candidate she endorsed, at the Democratic National Convention?
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeking a way for her delegates to be heard at the Democratic National Convention, telling supporters such a step would help unify a party that split between her and Sen. Barack Obama during their hard-fought nominating contest.

"I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and their views respected. I think that is a very big part of how we actually come out unified
"Because I know from just what I'm hearing that there's incredible pent-up desire, and I think that people want to feel like, 'OK, it's a catharsis, we're here, we did it, and then everybody get behind Sen. Obama.' That is what most people believe is the best way to go"

A bit disingenuous, methinks, coming just 3 days after Obama’s latest move regarding Michigan and Florida delegates:
On the heels of his trip to Michigan, Obama sent a letter to the DNC Credentials Committee just yesterday asking them to allow the delegates from Michigan and Florida to be allowed to cast full votes - rather than the half votes ruled during May's DNC meeting - at the Democratic National Convention.

"I believe Party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories," wrote Obama.
And even more so, considering that Hillary is now the star of John McCain’s latest lying sack of marketing slime attempting to show that Democrats on the hill like McCain, and have reservations about Obama!

So far, most of the other Dems in the ad have forcefully clarified that they don’t like the 2008 version of McCain! And Hillary? She still thinks her delegates need the “catharsis” of voting for her!

An opposing viewpoint is offered here by Al Giordano, who thinks this is all just manufactured drama to keep media interest during Obama’s vacation, and leading up to the convention. He may be right, but I still like being able to use the “Carrie” reference!

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