Friday, August 29, 2008

It’s Sarah Palin (Yawn!) And How About That Obama Speech?

Really, after last night’s speech, there wasn’t anything McCain could do to preempt the buzz that will follow what was quite possibly the best organized, best written, and best delivered political speech in American history!

I guess the Republicans won’t be spending next week’s RNC trying to tear down Obama over a lack of experience! In fact, Palin’s lack of experience on both foreign and domestic issues immediately pulls McCain’s age front and center, even for Republicans!

They will probably still try to hit Obama for being "too popular," but only because he drew more people to watch his convention speech than the combined total who voted in both party primaries in the State where his new running mate is Governor. By a factor of 4!

Among the few discernable advantages of selecting Palin (aside from the fact that all the other choices were deeply flawed and Palin is merely deeply unknown) is that in the VP debate, Joe Biden will have to be careful not to look like he’s beating up a woman. The choice also keeps alive the charade that disgruntled Hillary supporters might provide McCain with a margin of victory!

But perhaps the best reason for selecting the former beauty queen as his running mate, is that if McCain decides it’s a show stopping political disadvantage to own seven houses, he can always use his pretty new VP choice to make his rich, older, “make-up caked trollop” wife jealous enough to leave him!

Or maybe, after Obama’s speech, McCain realized that since he’s been cut off from Vicki Iseman, the only thing he’s likely to get out of this presidential run is one last chance to spend a few months campaigning with a pretty young woman, instead of Mitt Romney!

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