Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stick That in Your PUMA and Smoke it!

So this is what it looks like when Hillary gets Mark Penn’s fat, grubby paws off of her message and speaks from her heart and mind!

After Mark Warner’s ponderous keynote speech, I made an offhand comment to Ms Seenos that there’s nobody else who can give a speech like Barack . . . except Michelle!

And then Hillary came out and proved me wrong!

Brian Schweitzer was a great lead in, because his infectious enthusiasm got the crowd loose and ready to rock.

And for most of the speech, Hillary kept it going, but with an exceptional level of substance and sophistication and purpose that should leave no doubt that any future media reports of discord among her supporters is merely Republican hype, or psychotic ideation worthy of a visit from the Secret Service.

Oh, and will someone in the media please, please, please do your job and go interview Deborah Bartoshevich to see if she watched Hillary’s speech, and make her explain whether she's still going to defy Hillary’s wishes by supporting John McCain?

Nah, screw the media! How great would it be if the Democrats could convince her to make an ad saying that Hillary's speech convinced her to change her mind and support Obama?

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