Thursday, August 28, 2008

Please Senator McCain, Make Mitt Your Sidekick!

(I guess, according to Bob Casey, that would make him a “sidesidekick” to George W. Bush!)

Boy would I love to see Mitt Romney be the one debating Joe Biden on October 2nd. I’ve written repeatedly about what a bumbling fool Romney is, but it seems he just found a way to surpass his previous high water mark for political ineptitude:
Speaking to reporters at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, Romney said that while McCain deserved his houses because of the "hard work" of himself and his family, "Barack Obama got a special deal from a convicted felon."
Following Obama’s choice of Biden as his running mate, McCain is in the position of desperately needing a partner who can help him on the economy, which he has admitted he knows nothing about. Romney was supposed to be that guy (if only because his personal wealth is greater than the economies of many small countries!)

But shoring up the economic front is not going to be easy for McCain. So far, his primary options appear to be: a) selecting Meg Whitman, and running on the dream of fending off another Great Depression by having everyone get rich selling their used shit on Ebay; or b) selecting Romney, who apparently believes that adultery for the purpose of trading in a disfigured wife for a rich one is honorable and deserving work!

Even McCain says the reason he can’t count the houses is because they belong to his wife. You think Joe Biden would be able to pick up on that interesting bit of irony if it came up in a debate?
Asked whether he was ready to debate Joe Biden, Romney said it might be a challenge, calling the Democratic vice presidential nominee "an impenetrable thicket of words."
How could Biden be soooooo unreasonable as to debate using words? I guess in Mittworld, debates must be conducted with an impenetrable wad of money! Memo to Mitt: One man’s “impenetrable thicket of words” just might be another man’s inspirational wisdom!

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