Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here’s the Ad I’d Love to See During the Olympics!

With Barack Obama having made a $5 million national ad buy for the Beijing Olympics, and John McCain recently upping the ante by purchasing $6 million, here’s what I think could make Obama the Michael Phelps of the political ad wars (Unfortunately, I don’t have the video editing skills to produce this for YouTube, but I think it would be very simple and effective.)

(Booming voiceover)

First, they mocked Al Gore for supporting policies enabling the technological innovation that created the Internet . . .

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Then, they mocked John Kerry for being wounded during his military service . . .

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Now, they are mocking Barack Obama for promoting conservation and fuel efficiency . . .

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The Republicans:

Are They Too Childish to Lead?

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Bonus # 1:: This is hilarious!

Bonus # 2: Here's my Countdown "Quote of the Evening." While commenting on McCain's bizarre suggestion that he volunteered his wife to participate in a raunchy biker beauty pageant during his appearance in Sturgis, SD, Rachel Maddow had to break her train of thought to tell Keith that the background video of bikini clad biker chicks dancing on a balcony was "really distracting!" (Of course, I'm just jealous that she wouldn't have been equally distracted if I had been dancing on the balcony!)

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