Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Biden Bonus!

Sure, Joe Biden makes the ticket stronger on foreign policy, but perhaps the biggest advantage of Obama’s choice of running mate is that Biden reinforces the ability to make this election about the economy. Biden is one of the most senior members of the Senate, and yet his yet worth is closer than any other Senator to that of ordinary Americans.

This gives Obama-Biden the ability to establish as one of their primary campaign themes the goal of ending The Politics of Personal Enrichment!TM Biden, as the poster child for selfless public service, makes John McCain look even more craven and opportunistic in his own Senatorial career.

McCain-SomeOtherRichWhiteGuy will be such a sharp contrast to Obama-Biden, and so clearly the heir apparent to the Bush brand of lobbyist driven cronyism, that McCain will have no choice but to absorb some of the voters’ current disgust with the direction of the country under Bush.

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  1. Giraffe7:23 AM

    In my opinion, this is Obama's strongest choice that shows his good judgment. Biden is a compelling speaker. He has a sense of style also. He's a good man. Together let's hope America gets the message.