Sunday, August 10, 2008

What the Hell is an “Economic Surge?”

John McCain thinks he’s got a winner in the “surge” concept, so he’s going to use it over and over. His newest is a call to fix the growing recession with an “Economic Surge!”

Huh? Please, please, please, will someone ask him to define what the hell he’s talking about? Does he mean a sudden, dramatic, increase in the number of economists? Or business owners? Or is he calling for an immediate wave of consumer binge spending? What?

The fact is that he has no friggin’ clue what he’s talking about? “Economic Surge” makes about as much sense as fixing Social Security with a “Retirement Happiness Surge,” or fixing the climate crisis with a “Global Cooling Surge!”

Next, he’ll be talking about a “Joblessness Time Horizon!”

I’m not sure who the biggest idiots are in this: McCain, the people writing his campaign messaging, or the voters they are targeting with the suggestion that every problem can be fixed simply by throwing a “surge” at it!

Maybe he should just choose this guy as his running mate:

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