Friday, August 01, 2008

Holy Flip Flop Batman! [Updated]

OK - so I was busy at work all day and just sat down with my dessert to catch up on the daily political news. To my surprise - today's big story is that Obama is no longer a secret, evil, Muslim, mole. He is now the second coming of Moses or some sort of Christ-like savior who has come to forgive our sins and then raise our taxes.

Now that's a flip flop!

As it seems that many in the media are finally calling McCain out for his sophomoric tactics - I have to point out that we wouldn't need a "savior" if George Bush hadn't fucked everything up so bad. And, wasn't Bush the
one who claimed God had chosen him to be president? Didn't God tell him to invade Iraq?

Obviously McCain's campaign is desperate - in its last throes, if you will. And many in the MSM seem to have had just about enough. I think its time for Obama to appear at one of McCain's "town halls" and call him out directly and in person on this bullshit!

McCain said he would follow Bin Laden to the gates of hell - maybe this is his plan to get there!

OH MY WORD! Got to go now - I think I see Obama's face in the crust of my apple pie!

[Update by seenos] At the risk of killing the humor in this post, I'd like to direct readers to this related post, which essentially suggests his new ad, "The One," shows that to avoid losing an election, John McCain is willing to make this campaign the central front in the war against radical evangelical terrorism!

I'm also compelled to add that this line of attack against Obama is the direct descendent of attacks started by Hillary Clinton during the primaries, so she bears at least partial responsibility for how despicable John McCain has become.

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  1. This would be hilarious, if it wasn't so disgusting.

    McCain is a complete ass, who will say anything to save his campaign.

    The scariest thing is that I had a conversation tonight with a guy I know and like, who noticed my Obama button and started questioning whether Obama can live up to his rhetoric, and wondering if people "are viewing him as a messiah."

    This is not a guy who follows politics the way many of us do, and I suspect that his current opinions are somewhat residual from Hillary's attacks, but McCain's attacks are certainly building on the subconscious imagery that Hillary started!

    I should also note that this guy said he could never vote for Hillary, because every word she says sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Thus, we were able to end the conversation on common ground!