Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush Administration Releases New Strategic Plan!

In response to criticism that the administration mishandled news surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney’s accidental shooting of his friend, the White House has released a new strategic plan designed to clearly show that they have one. The 38-page document includes detailed “strategic pillars” on such things as: demonstrating what the victim did wrong, praising Cheney’s marksmanship skills, and cleaning up any references to alcoholic beverage consumption.

However, analysis by computer document experts has shown that much like the National Strategy for Victory In Iraq, the National Strategy for Deflecting Blame From Dick Cheney was actually authored by a paid political consultant by the name of Vincent Wolf, also commonly known as “The Wolf.”

Left-Over has been able to locate the following photograph of Mr. Wolf, whose association and previous work for this administration remains a mystery.

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