Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Gentle Spray of Buckshot....That Wasn't!

CNN is reporting that Cheney's shooting victim has suffered a heart attack. It seems one of the pellets that gently caressed the man's chest penetrated deep enough to lodge next to his heart.


  1. If you google Cheney right now up comes a CNN article with the Headline "Cheney Cleared in Hunting Accident".

    When you click on it - it links to the story of the victim having a heart attack.

    Are they going to have to do open heart surgery on this guy?

  2. Lost Wages Joe12:21 PM

    If this guy dies, Dead-Eye Dick joins some pretty elite company. As I recall, the only other Veep to blow someone away while in office was Aaron Burr.

  3. I liked the reporter who simply said, "I don't know much about hunting, but aren't you supposed to know what you're shooting at?"

    Accidents happen but I can't believe the White House spin on this. Unbelievable.

  4. there is a real chance he could be prosecuted because they didn't have a hunting permit

  5. Lost Wages Joe11:05 AM

    Never mind the hunting permit; he shot AN ATTORNEY! Some long green is gonna change hands over this. But since it was a Republican attorney and the notoriously secretive VP, we'll probably never know how much...