Friday, February 24, 2006

We Are Too Scared to Trust You George!

I have now had a few days to read and digest accounts of the UAE Port deal. The early analysis from many of the Lefty Blogs was that this was another genius Rovian Plan to allow the Republicans running for re-election to distance themselves from Bush and his 37% percent approval numbers. I never gave this argument much credence and knew it wasn’t the case when I tuned in the local Rush wanna-be just in time to here him proclaim that "Bush’s entire second term is an unmitigated disaster" and that this port deal only proves it. If this scandal was a planned diversion this radio host would not have been trashing Bush’s entire 2nd term. He surely would have gotten the talking points and limited his comments. I believe his outrage was genuine.

My second point is that as Progressive Democrats we must not be so paranoid. Mr. Rove is not that smart. What good political moves has he engineered lately - Bush’s Social Security Plan? The Harriet Myers nomination? Please.

This is just another pay off to the Bush family business cronies and Rove is a two-bit political hack who is still likely to be indicted for his part in leaking the identity of an undercover CIA operative. A treasonous act from a political coward who’s not confident enough to debate issues in any fair or open way. Pay no attention to the man behind this political curtain.

My last point is that George has been doing his best to instill fear in all of us ever since 9/11. Suddenly he wants us all to calm down and trust that handing over our Ports to the UAE doesn’t in any way make us less safe. Well Mr. Bush you can’t have it both ways. We are either scared as a nation living in fear or we are not. Asking us to trust you after your laundry list of lies and failures would cost more than any political capital you could ever dream of having. With this port deal Mr. Bush, I think you have reached your credit limit.


  1. Giraffe9:38 AM

    The fact that this blog didn't jump on this one without giving it some study makes me respect your opinions more. Keep them coming! I've been waiting to read your take on it.

    They are asking us to 'go hunting with Cheney'.

  2. I think you are right in saying that Rove isn't as smart as he is often credited as being. He's just willing to do anything to win - like the guy who marks cards in order to look like a good poker player!