Friday, February 10, 2006

When Republican Allies Attack! [with updated Brownie Link]

It’s been a bad couple of days for President Bush. Several Republicans, including Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico and Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin stepped up and publicly questioned his program of illegal domestic spying. Then it was released that Scooter Libby says he was “authorized” to leak classified intelligence information to reporters by his superiors in order to undercut the credibility of Joseph Wilson. Jack Abramoff has e-mails showing that Bush invited him to his Crawford ranch. And finally, Michael “Brownie” Brown threatened to spill the beans on the administration's poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Ouch!

It got so bad that Bush had to pull out boasts of a 4-year-old foiled terrorist plot on Los Angeles’ Liberty Tower to try to get something positive in the news. But oops again – It was actually the Library Tower!

The best line of the day (paraphrased) – from Keith Olbermann – “I don’t know if this mistake indicates a subliminal affinity for the word ‘liberty,’ or an aversion to the word ‘library!"

[Update] Reddhedd has a great summary of Brownie's testimony, which clearly shows the White House knew immediately how bad Katrina was. It also includes some links to timelines that pull the rug out from under the administration spin, and a reminder that the guy placed in charge of the Katrina reconstruction that is going so well (snark) is Karl Rove! Heck of a job, Rovie!

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