Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Guess Colin Powell Was Busy

One more point about Cheney shooting a man in the face. In his interview with Brit Hume, their was an exchange regarding the choice to send the ranch owner out to front the Cheney explanation of what happened. It was very telling.

(emphasis added)
Hume: Now, it strikes me that you must have known that this was going to be a national story -

Cheney: Oh, sure.

Hume: and it does raise the question of whether you couldn't have headed off this beltway firestorm if you had put out the word to the national media, as well as to the local newspaper so that it could post it on its Web site. I mean, in retrospect, wouldn't that have been the wise course -

Cheney: Well, who is going to do that? Are they going to take my word for what happened? There is obviously -

Hume: Well, obviously, you could have put the statement out in the name of whoever you wanted. You could put it out in the name of Mrs. Armstrong, if you wanted to. Obviously, that's - she's the one who made the statement.

Cheney: Exactly. That's what we did. We went with Mrs. Armstrong. We had -- she's the one who put out the statement. And she was the most credible one to do it because she was a witness. It wasn't me in terms of saying, here's what happened, it was -

Hume: Right, understood. Now, the suspicion grows in some quarters that you - that this was an attempt to minimize it, by having it first appear in a little paper and appear like a little hunting incident down in a remote corner of Texas.

Cheney: There wasn't any way this was going to be minimized, Brit; but it was important that it be accurate.

OK. First of all Cheney is admitting that he is not a credible source or at least that he realizes that no one would believe him. Next, his explanation of why he chose Mrs. Armstrong has an erie familiarity - "she was the most credible one to do it" - just like Colin Powel was the most credible one to present the false evidence of Saddam's WMD's.

It doesn't matter how ficticious the story is. It only matters that the person delivering it appears credible. And finally, accuracy has never been Cheney's forte. I'm sure it wasn't the driving force this time.

From all accounts, something is really fishy about how Cheney shot a man in the face. Either he had been drinking, or perhaps Cheney wasn't the shooter. What if he is covering for his hunting companion - to keep her from becoming the story?

Anyone know where she is? A secure bunker in an undisclosed location maybe.


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