Friday, February 24, 2006

The Bush Legacy is On the March!

In an earlier post, I concluded that despite George Bush’s efforts to focus on leaks regarding his NSA spying program, the number one story in 2006 would be the fate of the war in Iraq. Whether he likes it or not, this will be Bush’s legacy – success or failure!

Clearly, events of recent days have pointed toward failure, and no matter what phrase the media chooses to use to describe them – from “sectarian violence,” to having “an endangered future,” to “being at a crossroads” - it is now undeniably the beginning of a “civil war!”

George Bush’s civil war!

And, in many ways, it is also George Bush’s supporters’ civil war! They stood by his tough "bring it on" talk, but now that it is on, I wonder how long they can stand by him!

[Update]: looks like Fox News is trying their best:

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, that's exactly it. He has managed to make it all sooo much worse.

    And really, he has turned isolated acts of terrorism by a small band of outcasts truly into a war by his policies. Their ranks have grown so much.

    I guess if you start the war by attacking innocent people, they'll give you your war.